Thurmon Thomas, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Clinical Director in Hurricane & Delta

First and foremost I am a husband and father – nothing brings me greater joy. I have always had the spirit of an entrepreneur, but after many years owning and operating several small businesses, my wife and I felt that something was missing. Turns out, I wasn’t truly fulfilling one of my key purposes in life – that is, to help other people. That is when I finished a Bachelors degree in Psychology at Dixie State University and then obtained a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University, a COAMFTE approved program.

After completing my education I joined The Center for Couples and Families as a therapist and have since opened several new clinics for the company under the name of Ascend Counseling & Wellness. I have extensive experience with at-risk youth, couples, and adults. I work with people struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, addiction, and low self-esteem. I enjoy helping people improve communication and find greater purpose in their lives.

Licensed in Utah.

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Elisabeth York, Associate Mental Health Counselor

Elisabeth York grew up in the small town of Morgan Utah on a small raspberry farm.  She began playing the violin at the age of 3 and continued all the way until she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music.  She then proceeded to open a music academy and build a healthy business.  One day she was teaching and realized that she was more concerned for her students well-being and not if they learned to play Mozart correctly, which for a music teacher doesn’t bode well. She began to think that maybe there was something different for her.  So she returned to school and became a Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

Elisabeth Works primarily with those struggling with Anxiety and Depression. She is trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and uses her background in the Arts to help her clients express things that might feel too painful to say. She equally loves talk therapy and she loves working with those who struggle with chronic pain and somatic symptoms.  She graduated from Grand Canyon University with her Masters in Science in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling.

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Taylor Jacobson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

For as long as I can remember I have had an inner drive to be as helpful to others as possible. This drive has led me down several paths in life but ultimately ended with me gaining a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University a COAMFTE accredited program. I have extensive experience in working with addiction, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, communication issues, low self-esteem, and at-risk youth. I enjoy helping others develop their ability to meet their needs in a healthy and appropriate way, to improve relationship dynamics, and increase overall life satisfaction.

My wife and I were married in 2004 and now have 6 kids (3 girls and 3 boys). As a family, we love spending time outdoors and off road. I enjoy pretty much enjoy all things outdoors and being active.

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Bear Haslem, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I was raised in the great valley of Hurricane. Early in life, I realized that I had an extraordinary interest in helping others work towards improving themselves in all aspects of life. This interest has come from what I personally have experienced from the refining moments of necessary adversity in everyday life and life stages.

I began my career in residential treatment working as a staff for at risk youth and found much joy in that experience. This led me to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Communication from Dixie State University and eventually a  Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University, a COAMFTE approved program. I have extensive history working with families and adolescent boys who struggle with all manner of addiction, depression, anxiety and relational barriers. I believe that all aspects of self (Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual) must be continually worked on with and developed in order to achieve a fulfilled life.

I firmly believe that, as a clinician, it is imperative for me to continually improve my own mental health and build healthy relationships within my own life. I cannot help my patients develop past the point that I have developed myself. For that reason I maintain a high level drive in active and relational living with my wife and 3 children. I enjoy doing hard things because I see myself grow through doing them.

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Ben Rhinesmith, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

I love adventure, which I define as an experience with an unknown outcome. My previous career, as an adventure guide, was a wonderful outlet for these types of experiences and allowed me to travel the world. The adventures I guided involved real and perceived risk while climbing, canyoneering, kayaking, hiking, and teaching about the natural world. These moments of risk often invoked raw experiences where people were able to be vulnerable and let me into the more meaningful parts of their lives. This sparked my desire to become a therapist and help guide people in their mental health journeys. I obtained a bachelors in psychology from Utah Tech University and a masters in marriage and family therapy from Utah State University.
During therapy, I utilize a postmodern philosophy, solution focused brief therapy, narrative therapy, systems theory, and internal family systems approach. I meet people with curiosity, creativity, compassion, and a desire for connection. I strive for therapy to be a sanctuary place, free of judgement, so people can express the multiple parts of themselves. Developing a collaborative approach, we can “adventure” through people’s narratives, relationships, and inherent strengths, all while enhancing their healing journey.
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