Merilee Dalton, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Merilee, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, has always loved the work of being a therapist and helping people through the healing process. She graduated from Southern Utah University with her Bachelors in Psychology and obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Phoenix in St. George, Utah in 2012. Merilee has received training in TF-CBT with children, play therapy, sand tray, and is certified in EMDR, working with children as young as 3 years old, adolescents and adults. Since 2016, her understanding and passion to help people who experience trauma, PTSD symptoms, anxiety, and depression has deepened, when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Merilee and her husband have 3 awesome girls and a dog. She loves camping, having summer BBQ’s, swimming and spending time on the ski slopes.

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Shauna Bacon, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Shauna earned degrees in liberal studies and multicultural education. She has also taught at the elementary and adult school level, as well as taught English as a Second Language. Teaching increased her interest in the home life and struggles of her students and she wanted to help them improve their lives outside of the classroom. Shauna graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2018 with a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has completed basic training in EMDR therapy as well as attended a workshop in the use of EMDR for addictions. She has been a board member of the Southern Utah Autism Support Group and has found joy in helping parents and caregivers connect with the resources they need to help support a family member with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Shauna has enjoyed helping those affected by trauma find hope and healing. Shauna and her husband of over 20 years have 2 sons, and as a family, they enjoy the outdoors, and any opportunity for family time.

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George Kayser, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Couples and sex therapy is my specialty. I am really good at helping you in the following areas: 1. Couples who want to improve communication, love, and intimacy, 2. Couples who struggle with postpartum depression and perinatal mood and anxiety challenges and, 3. Couples with challenges related to divorce, infidelity, co-parenting, sex, in-laws, and conflict in the relationship. I am happy to meet with you and learn what you hope to get from therapy, even if it’s not related to my specialty. My best hope is that you will feel confident in your ability to make your greatest hopes for your relationships and life a reality.

In sessions, as I listen and ask questions, we will generally strive to define your challenge, establish your desired outcomes, and develop insights and skills to improve your life. You (and your partner) can express what you truly think and feel. My job is to help you with your goals regardless of how overwhelmed you may feel.

I believe that therapy is a place for you to receive unconditional respect and I am prepared to offer you this every time we meet. We can talk about anything! No shaming (EVER) from me! If you feel prompted to begin therapy, I encourage you to call our incredible scheduling assistants for an appointment. I have open times and would love to get to know you!

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Megan Mullen, Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Do you feel “stuck” in your life? I’ve felt that way on a number of occasions and my mantra has always been to keep moving forward. No matter what has happened to you or is happening to you, there is always hope and healing. I am passionate about helping people build resilience to better handle the challenges of daily life.

I received a Bachelors in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources from Brigham Young University and am currently receiving a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University. I have experience working with children, teens, and families. I and my husband have a very busy son and three crazy, and sometimes chill, cats. I enjoy going on walks, being outdoors, axe throwing, traveling, and anything adventurous.

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Madi Miller, Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Having grown up always being the person people in her life turned to for guidance and support, it seemed like destiny for Madi to pursue a role in counseling. She approaches clients and situations with warmth, understanding, and absolutely zero judgement.

Madi has always viewed therapy like untangling a ball of yarn. You might feel like the separate strands of your life are mixed up together or difficult to navigate, and it’s hard to see how to untangle the knot when you’re inside of it. She is passionate about helping people work out those knots and giving them the knitting needles they need to be able to create meaning, beauty, and peace from the tangles.

Madi received her Bachelors in Marriage and Families Studies and then proceeded to receive her Masters in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and dog. She also loves stitching, reading, and gaming.
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